About Ivy dela Cruz – Sepe


Ivy dela Cruz – Sepe is married to his wonderful husband, Don Sepe. Right now, they have a son named Francis.

Her humble beginnings started in Tondo, Manila. She grew up with her mother, Reina and father, Boy with two siblings, Marc and Mae until the age 15 years old. She begun living with her relatives at the age 15 years old due to his father being imprisoned and various family problems.

She graduated from Torres High School with honors and did not know how to get to college. Ivy learned that there are scholarships that are being offered by different institutions. She passed the SM Foundation Scholarship Program and it gave her support until college graduation.

Ivy worked as an SM Saleslady during vacations for 4 years with only one uniform that she washes everyday. There were times that she also served as a student assistant in her school. Despite the hardships in life, she know that she will make it through. She blamed no one and made the choices for her life.

Ivy, through hardwork, graduated from FEU – East Asia College with a degree of B.S. Computer Engineering with Magna Cum Laude honors. She was also voted as the first president of Student Coordinating Council in that College.

After graduation, she immediately got a job with one of the outstanding multinational oil and gas companies in the Philippines. Ivy got a high-paying job, sent abroad for a project but still looked for a career that she can be passionate about. After listening to her now financial and spiritual mentor, Bro. Bo Sanchez, she shifted her focus to becoming an entrepreneur. Due to her massive success, she shares her to other people through engaging in various speaking engagements.

Kerygma Magazine dubbed her as a Millionaire Missionary because of her efforts to share about financial literacy.

She was also featured in FEU – East Asia College’s magazine as of their successful student.

Latest was Ivy’s segment story in Asenso Pinoy, a local TV show in the Philippines.

Right now, she is a mentor to a number of people on building their businesses connected to health. She keeps on looking for people whom she can assist in building their passive income business.

Her wedding with husband, Don.


Kerygma Magazine Feature Story

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Wealth Summit Panel of Speakers, March 1-3, 2013, PICC


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Asenso Pinoy, Studio 23 Segment