5 Steps in Changing Your Mindset from Scarcity to Abundance

July 23, 2013

Got home with a sad heart. Bleeding with grief, lack of faith and uncertain future. “Something must be done!” I changed my clothes, ate and retired in the bed on the floor. Beside me was my housemate. I looked at her face and asked myself, “Does she know why she’s here?”

I laid my back flat on the semi-hard bed and looked blankly at the wooden, torned ceiling.

“Something must be done.”

These were my thoughts during the time I had my first career crisis. I was asking myself, “Why am I doing what I am doing today? Am I made for this? Is this really what I want?”


Everything starts from small beginnings. If it’s good and you take care of it. It will grow abundantly.

Then an idea sprung from my head. I need to know how people become happy, wealthy and contented. That begun my search for the next level of my life.

According to my research and observation, all successful people have one thing in common – MINDSET. From Scarcity to Abundant Mindset. After searching for answers through books, mentors and personal experiences, I summarized these into 5 major steps:

1. THOUGHTS. What I first changed were my thoughts about myself and my beliefs. Before, I used to think that being wealthy is evil. I saw that in telenovelas. A rich girl pulling the hair of a poor girl. I thought it’s always like that and so, I embraced poverty knowing that God will always be in favor of me. They say that it’s in the bible. Now, I realized that it’s poverty in spirit. God will do ways in reaching out to you if you have a low spirit. Rich people can have poverty in spirit, too. And God will make ways through other people to reach out to everyone.

What will you do to change your thoughts? Have your dream board – cut out of pictures that you want to achieve in life, also have a notebook where you will write down all your dreams in present tense. Try it!

2. INFLUENCE. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. List down 5 names of people you are always with and then look at your mindset or even your income. Most of the time, what they earn, on average you also earn. I did not mean to leave your friends. I suggest that you hang out with people who you think can help you bring out the best in you or can influence you in advancing your mindset from scarcity to abundance.

What will you do to be with the right people? Deliberately look within your circle for people who have the same goal of advancing their mindset.

3. LEARNING. If you want to learn from successful people the best way and the easiest way is to buy their books or read their blogs or watch their videos. There are a lot of free stuffs online that can teach you without spending anything. In the beginning, you may opt to search for free materials on the internet but if you have money to spare why not buy a book? One book can be two starbucks frappe only. As the late Jim Rohn had said, “If you think education is expensive try ignorance.”

How will you fast track your learning? Actually, I just put “fast-track” there. Because people would normally look for the quick way, the rich quick schemes in learning. I’m sorry but there will never be one book or one mentor that will bring you to where you want to be. It’s always a process. It’s always a concoction of a lot of things in your life. What I will suggest is at least read new books every month as a start. You may also attend seminars on how to be successful. There’s a lot of stuff in youtube that you can watch. They also say that joining a network marketing company can also relatively make your shift from scarcity to abundance faster.

4. PRACTICE. It’s nonsense if you will not apply all these acquired knowledge and experiences. Forget about the word CAN’T. Always say to yourself that you CAN! During your first tries, for sure it will be hard. It is always the first steps that is hard. Then do it one step at a time. Just don’t talk yourself out of the goal. Most of the time we are greatest critique of ourselves. If you’ve achieved a goal learn to tap yourself at the back. Celebrate! Don’t be too hard on yourself.

What will keep you moving? First step, action. Second step, action. Third step, action. You don’t need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith. – Martin Luther King

5. OWNERSHIP. Take ownership of your results. Stop blaming the government, your work or even your parents. It’s your life. God gave you free will. Thus, giving you the freedom of choice. Once you start taking responsibility of your results, abundance will flow and will follow.

How to take ownership? If there’s a thought that you are blaming, justifying and complaining, consciously stop yourself from doing that. Eventually, you will see yourself thinking of ways to resolve your challenges rather than pointing fingers to other people. Remember, if you point a finger to a person, three fingers will points back at you. Take charge!


Eventually, you will achieve success!

There! Whew! Finally, I finished another blog! Yey! I made time for this so I can extend help to those who are seeking success in life. Success is not based on financial aspect only. Success for me may not be a success for you. We have different purposes in life. What I wrote above can also be applied in your spiritual, relational, mental and physical goals. Don’t be boxed by a dogma. Explore! Be the best in whatever you do. For sure, God will bless you tremendously if your goal is for the Highest Good of everyone.


Blessings and I’m praying for your Life’s success,

Ivy Sepe(Just got married more than a month ago.)