7 Tips on Living Life To The Fullest (Part 1)

October 24, 2013

I am a type of person who always contemplates about the future. What can happen, what might happen and when will it happen.

Oh, well. If you’ve read my previous blog posts I had a sickness for almost 2 weeks that pushed to just stay at home, no internet, no books. Nothing. Just stay in bed!

I am a control freak – as what my alternative medicine doctor had told me.

I, sure, am.

How did she know?

She asked me, “Ivy, do you plan for your life 50 years from now?”

I said, “YES, doc.”

“Oh, why? You’re so young! Don’t worry too much! There are a lot in store for you!”

Hahaha! Coming from a doctor who’s happy, vibrant and super alive – I trusted her advise.

I realized that I’ve been thinking too much recently about  things — THE what can, what might and when will it happen thoughts. I am so forward thinker that I almost forget the now.

RIGHT NOW is a GIFT. That’s why it is called a PRESENT.


As I write this, I am just shaking my head because I realized that I am so attached to the details that I almost forgot to put my trust in God.

Hmmm… If you are the same type of person as I am, please do this now.







Take a break! Take the time off from your worries.


OK, I am doing that as well. I am sighing. Right now. As I am writing this.


Release the tension. As you are reading this, you are having a CREATIVE BREAK.

RELAX. I won’t bug you with SUPER terms. This is just a day-to-day conversation.

Well, I’ve gone through what I call a 2-week transformational experience, that’s why I think I am a credible person to share these tips with you.

And, if you got here, meaning you’re interested to know what I learned OR you are going through the same situation.

Sit back and enjoy. Best if you will play your favorite music or any instrumental background music while reading this.

So, here it is…

1. Be generous to your loved ones.

I am family person and as I am going through with my everyday business activities, I almost forgot my family. I did not had time with them.

I realized that at the end of the day, when you got sick or are having major personal problems, they are still your go-to people.

As I contemplate, these are the people that I really want to hang out with all the time. I love them and they love me unconditionally – no strings attached.

They will make a way just to make me feel comfortable at the time of my sickness.

That’s why this weekend, I’ll have a vacation with my family.

You can also do this, set a time off in a year. Just be with your family and enjoy their presence. It doesn’t need to be expensive.

Remember, the most important gift that you can give to them is TIME.

2. Live life happily. Don’t live the life of someone else.

I know, I must admit. I, too had bouts of insecurities, comparisons with other human beings and I was too hard myself for not achieving.

If you have this… Read it out loud… WAKE UP!!!!!!

It’s okay. I’m a human being and I am not perfect.

However, if you think about it all the time and it’s taking it’s toll on your confidence, MOVE ON.

It’s okay to be inspired by these people but as much as possible not envy them.

It’s best to be aware of the things that are happening in your head. Your self-talks can build mansions in your head.

And, mind you, majority of the self-talks are negative.

Negative self-talks will take a lot from you — especially your HAPPINESS.

Here’s what you need to remember:

You are unique. You are different in your own ways.

I remember this bible verse that I always look at during the times that I am doubtful and not contented:

“For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

TRUST your creator. He made you the most magnificent love of his life even before you breathe your first breathe.

He loves you unconditionally and you don’t need others to recognize, love and care for you.

He’s taking care of you. He’s there beside you.

Loving you and thinking about you all the time.

Please, speak this in your heart and believe.


3. Eat healthy. Live healthy.

You can enjoy the best that life’s to offer if you are healthy.

The best is when your mind, body and soul are all having the nourishments that they need.

You are a human being and you need to take care of your physical body especially in this age of pollution, sedentary lifestyle and wrong food choices.

I’ve been in the health and lifestyle business for several years now and I still tend to brush off the idea of becoming healthy all the way.

My reason: I am still young. Hehehe.

And, with the recent experience that I had, it came to me that, OMG! It is so important!!!

I am starting to do breathing exercises.

I plan to swim twice a week. (I live in a condo with a huge swimming pool and I haven’t used it for months! Tsk! Tsk!)

Have my daily dose of sunshine.

Take my supplements consistently.

Be happy and grateful all the time!

4. Bring your back pack and take a time off.

Sometimes, you don’t need to plan for your trips.

Just do it! If you need a break, have a break.

Have time for rest and recreation.

But beware…

I remember, people telling me to rest but I don’t know how.

As you might have already known, I worked since college as a sales lady, I got a job right after graduation, I don’t go out that often and I just love staying at home.

And, we need that. My doctor advised me to just go out and have fun but I am not familiar with that. Hahaha!

I don’t know how so she said, you just need to bring clothes with you then go to a place that no one knows you and enjoy the place. Hehehe. You just need to consider the expenses. Make sure you have extra.

What an idea! I haven’t done that because I am programmed to work, work, and work!

Of course, it’s also not healthy to not work because we need money to live comfortably. (Also check my other blog posts about achieving financial success.)

Don’t just squeeze relaxation activities in your time. Make it a part of your time. And, just beware because it may stop you from being productive.

There! I’ve shared with you some of the insights I gained from this transformational experience. (Ehem!)

In a nutshell, take time off with your loved ones, take care of yourself and it’s okay to enjoy. Don’t be guilty if you have some “unproductive times”. Right now, call it your creative break.

Blessings and I’m praying for your Life’s success,
Ivy Sepe